Virtual reality will be in the spotlight during the conference with Wanadev Studio

Next AG French Direct Approaching. Last week we lifted the veil for an appointment This upcoming conference, which will take place on May 6 at 6 p.m.We have provided a preliminary list of invited studios to present their next games. Wanadev studio He will be a part of it, and he will be present in this conference to highlight the field of virtual reality, With two new presentations.

Two new ads for virtual reality games

The studio is located in Lyon, and has gained a good reputation in the field of virtual reality first diffuse, a free title released in 2020, that plunges us into a terrifying world where we must try to survive a zombie apocalypse. With this project made freely available, the community was quickly vaccinated, and praised the good direction taken with this demo: the game reached 500,000 downloads by accumulating a 95% positive score on Steam.

Since then, the Leon team has released a certain thing Ragnarok, as a delicious mix between a rhythm game and the Vikings universe. With its rock-and-metal playlist, the title has moved gamers on Oculus and HTC Vive, and will soon enter PlayStation VR.

Therefore, WanadevStudio is honored to be present at AG French Direct and Two exclusive announcements will be made during the conference. New things will be shown in the preview, which is supposed to delight owners of virtual reality headsets.

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Of course, we can’t tell you much at the moment, so you have to be a little patient, but if you like virtual reality games, you should be interested. To find out more, you must be there at AG French Direct Friday May 6th at 6pmBroadcasting live on Our YouTube channel. Don’t miss the event!

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