Black Friday Laptop Deals: Prices on Intel MacBook Air, Gateway, Lenovo ThinkPad and HP Specter

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Like many others, you work or study from home – realizing your old laptop would not be foolish. Fortunately, there are laptops in various places Good Friday Sales will increase at almost every retailer. You can find the full host of discounted laptops from Amazon, Buy the best, Newk And Walmart, HP, Lenovo, Apple, Microsoft and many more. We have collected the best black silver laptop deals available now – those we know are coming soon. Check again; We will update this story as current sales expire and new deals come out.

Also black silver laptop and PC deals

And Ackerman / CNET.

Note: This is not a new sale M1 MacBook Air, Which showed impressive results in our first round trials. It is an Intel based Air, which was re-launched in March. That means it will not be fast and the battery will not last long. But it does run the last Big Sur operating system properly, and it may be $ 150 less yours than the new model.


If you are a certain age, you may remember the name of the gateway and its computers sent in black and white cow-print boxes. Gateway has returned to the ranks of low-cost laptops and tablets at Walmart. You won’t find any samples on store shelves in their iconic cow packaging; New Gateway laptops are only available online. This 14-inch Gateway laptop features a 10-Gen Intel Core i5 CPU and 16GB of RAM. 256GB solid-state drive is available for storage. Storage capacity is average for the price, but the amount of memory is usually double that of the offer. You get a full HD (1,920×1,080-pixel) display, which is better than the 1,366×768-pixel panels found on other budget laptops. There is a fingerprint reading for easy, secure logins. Three of the four color options are for stock and for sale – black, blue and rose gold.

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Microsoft’s MacBook Clone offers significant power boost over the 2018 Surface Laptop 2 with a slim and bright touchpad and keyboard combo. At 2,496×1,664 pixels, the 13.5-inch touchscreen gives you a resolution above the usual full HD. This Surface Laptop 3 model comes with a 10-Gen Intel Core i5 CPU, 8GB RAM, Intel Iris Plus graphics and 128GB SSD. The biggest disadvantage CNET has discovered is the relatively short battery life, but it can be a problem when you do not take it out of your home.

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The 13-inch Specter x360 is CNED’s favorite two – in – one convertible for its premium styling, light weight and long battery life. The entry-level configuration of this customizable laptop includes a 10-Gen Core i5 CPU, 8GB of RAM, Intel Iris Plus graphics and a 256GB solid-state drive. With full HD (1,920×1,080-pixels) resolution, the 14-inch touchscreen can rotate 360 ​​degrees in tablet mode. The $ 150 discount applies if you add upgrades, and I recommend spending $ 70 to upgrade to 512GB SST with 32GB of fast Upton memory.

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Andrew Hoyle / CNET

It’s not as thin and light as the flagship X1 Carbon, and its display is a little smithy, but a rugged laptop built for the 13-inch ThinkPad X390 business. The configuration includes the ThinkPad T490 component line as above: the eighth Gen Core i5 with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of SSD. The 13.3-inch display has a 1,920×1,080-pixel resolution and 300 night brightness. You can get it for $ 900 with the code Shed.

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