This is the fastest network of 2024: if you don't have this operator, you should switch

Ookla has selected the fastest network of 2024 for mobile data and Wi-Fi connections – you can't miss it.

Access one Stable and fast internet network, is one of the essential priorities of the new millennium. With the introduction and large-scale acquisition of smartphones, access to the internet world is now accessible to everyone and can be used from any device that supports mobile data connectivity.

The fastest network of 2024: here's why to change –

However, mobile operators do not always provide services top Quality, forcing the customer to find more strategies to guarantee an always active and efficient data connection. Although Proliferation of convenient offers And affordable for every budget, connection speed is one of the most common problems faced by Italian consumers.

Providers often can Control transfer speed And, consequently, the receipt of mobile data. If the customer uses a certain amount of data per month, the operator can decide to limit the connection speed, temporarily blocking it to avoid further slowdown in the entire network.

Ookla selects the best network of 2024 in Italy

there Fastweb is again the best mobile network in Italy. The Italian telecommunications and broadband connections company was recognized for the fourth consecutive time, confirming itself as one of the most admired operators at national level. Tests conducted by Okhla speak clearly: Fastweb constantly confirms its network speed and won all the Speedtest awards for the first half of 2024.

Ookla is the best goal in Italy in 2024
Fastweb is the best network in Italy in 2024 (Photo ANSA) –

A famous telephone operator It scored 109.76 in the speed test, beating Vodafone with a score of 86.76, WINDTRE with 81.56, TIM with 68.00 and finally Iliad with a score of 58.12. Since the beginning of 2024, Ookla has compared the results of more than 600,000 tests performed by FastWeb customers using the Speedtest app available on Android and iOS.

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Fastweb's score of 109.76 is derived from an average download speed of 122.53 Mbps, an average upload speed of 13.41 Mbps and an average latency of 41ms. Despite Fastweb's success, Vodafone topped the average upload speed with a score of 14.06 Mbps, while TIM recorded the best average latency with 25ms. Fastweb is making 5G available across all its offerings Unlike other operators in commercial, national use.

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