Blues beat Paraguay

Clement Biedron, Media365, published on Thursday, July 4, 2024 at 11:47 pm.

The French Olympic team defeated Paraguay (4-1) in a preparatory match before the Paris 2024 Olympics on Thursday evening in Bayonne, and the Blues were able to turn the tide thanks to a good second period.

The French Olympic team officially kicked off its preparations for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games on Thursday evening, with Thierry Henry's team beating Paraguay (4-1). Not everything was so simple and clear, but despite everything, the Bleuets team managed to achieve good success in this first friendly match in this preparatory phase. However, things started badly for the French when Salcedo took advantage of Lukeba losing the ball 30 metres from goal to deceive Guillaume Restes with a right-footed cross (0-1, 3). But after being frustrated by that early opener, the Tricolores wore blue to warm up immediately afterwards. Of course it took time to materialise, and the fault was either the stupidity of Thierry Henry's players like Matsima and Ulis or the presence of goalkeeper Gonzalez but Jean-Philippe Mateta ended up making it happen before half-time (1-1, 45').

Goals in a second festival

Their coach certainly refocused at half-time, and the team came out strong again in the second half and Jean-Philippe Mateta relived fond memories of his first goal to score another with an unstoppable cross (2-1, 51'). In this first friendly between players who are not used to playing together, not everything was perfect but the French showed great things and won the ball through Rayan Cherki (3-1, 72') and Arnaud Kalimuendo (4-1, 86'). He also took part in the party.

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At the microphone of Chaîne l'Équipe, Thierry Henry assessed this first meeting held in the Basque Country. The former ASM coach smiled and said: “I am very satisfied, that's true”. We were very physically exhausted, I said that before the meeting too. We played against a very aggressive team and we had a really good physical performance. If you take a goal to go in, it reinforces what they want to do. We created a lot of chances in the first half but we didn't take them. In the second half, it was much better but we have to learn to control the ball better, especially in the attacking phases and when we go forward. I think we lacked a bit of seriousness because we looked for the little bridges, we have to keep the ball on the ground and play naturally and seriously. » On July 11, the French Olympic team will meet in Toulon for another friendly against the Dominican Republic.

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