It is the largest solar power plant in Europe. 650 MW which will partly end up with Microsoft

The solar plant is located in Witsnitz, near Leipzig, Germany. It was developed by the German specialist company Move on Energy on behalf of Shell, e It stretches over a 500 ha (5 km) former coal mine surface2) and 150 ha of adjoining land.

The Witsnitz Energy Park, which bears its name, is located near Lake Heiner and is divided 10 sections with a total of 1.1 million solar modules From the Chinese manufacturer Ginko Solar. The total solar power capacity is 650 MW.

The plant also operates its own power substation to supply solar power to the high voltage grid. 3,500 inverters Additional software is installed to manage the reactive power and thus stabilize the voltage level.

The solar plant is the result of a fifteen-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Shell Energy Europe. It was signed in September last yearThis guaranteed 600 MW of production by the plant 323 MW will be sold to Microsoft Big Tech will help America meet its commitment to use 100% renewable energy by 2025. This energy will then be sold to Microsoft as an “accounting offset” for the green energy the US company must use to achieve its sustainability goals.

The Witznitz Energy Park has already been switched on At the end of March, but power was limited to 605 MW. Another 45 MW is expected during the summer season, bringing maximum capacity.

The plant will also produce 0.6 TWh of energy per year. Enough to meet all the energy needs of the city of Leipzig's 620,000 inhabitants. The company that built the solar park has created 13 kilometers of cycling and hiking trails and 13 hectares of hedges and green areas in its surroundings.

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Europe's largest ranking

The Witznitz Energy Park will complement Iberdrola's Francisco Pizarro power plant in southwest Spain in 2022, making it Europe's largest so far with an output of 590 MW.

There is also a 1.35 GW Turkish power plant, but actually its plant is located in Karabanar in the Anatolian region of Turkey in Asia Minor, while the European part of the country is located in the northwestern part. Eastern Thrace.

In the future, 850 MW of solar from Avindia Energia will come to Spain, but they will come from 17 power plants.

Instead, Iberdrola wants to regain the lead this time A 1.2 GW plant in Portugal is expected to go online by 2025.

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