Bold Default 2 for Nintendo Switch, manufacturer talks about reasons for postponement –

We know, Bold Default2 A victim Recommendation Compared to the original plans, it aims to launch the game in 2020. Well, the Producer Masashi Takahashi Ha Spigado i Reasons Behind that decision in an interview with Famitsu.

Announced at the 2019 Sports Awards, Brave Default 2, like many other titles, also experienced the effects of epidemics, Takahashi explained. “We have announced the date Exit The 2019 Game Awards and the continuous development with that goal in mind, but the consistent spread of the virus and not knowing how long this condition will last had a strong impact on the process. “

“For example, dubbing conversations in foreign languages ​​continued slowly. We had to instruct the actors remotely, they had to record their homes without background noise, and then send us audio files. Anyway, everyone involved was excellent and we were able to do it.”

“Both Square Enix and ClayWorks staff moved to remote work and it took time to create the right environment. Even after doing what was needed to continue the development, there were some misunderstandings along the way. It was the first time we worked like that.”

“This was not an easy decision, but given the circumstances, we were boldly forced to postpone the release of the default 2 to February 2021.”

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Veronica Tucker

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