The One Piece fan has customized their mobile menu with designs from the series and it’s awesome

One Piece ABJ

The customizations we make on our cell phones always go hand in hand with our personal tastes, and this is the case of this boy he started seeing after Plot In mid-2020, he says he’s now addicted to the series and has led him to customize his mobile menu with the popular anime theme. And if you like a fan like this, this is the One Piece Phone Case you’ll want to own.

I started One Piece in March 2020 and has felt like seeing all the movies and episodes (including the fillers) and getting some numbers too. I never liked a lot of animation then saw One Piece. Story, characters, and world building. Everything was amazing from OnePiece

You see, this is Reddit user Become another fan of Plot So much so, that he decided to change his mobile menu and add items like pictures or icons with the anime theme to decorate his apps in this way and carry his flair for the series everywhere. Would you like to customize your mobile menu in this way?

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