Marseille. Poor reception of the free mobile network in the city center: “I had to change operators”

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Users of the free mobile network regularly experience connectivity problems in several areas of Marseille, especially around Place Jean Jaurès (5th).

Some people have decided to change operators because of these inconveniences. When contacted, Free Mobile confirms that they are working to improve their coverage in Marseille.

Network problems in La Plaine

In Place Jean Jaurès, in the La Plaine area, Free Mobile users are having difficulty making calls. Uninterrupted calls And for Surf the Internet No problem. Faced with these disruptions, some have chosen to change operators.

This is the case of Garance, a waitress in a bar along Place Jean Jaurès. After only a few weeks of service, she moved to another operator:

It's hell! I couldn't even answer my WhatsApp calls! A colleague advised me to switch to the competition… so I followed his advice and changed operator.

Waitress in a bar in La Plaine
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Thibaut lives a few meters from Place Jean Jaurès. Like Garance, he has major communication problems: “When I see it’s a business call, I don't reply. I prefer to call back from a distant café. It's unbearable for us but also for the interlocutor! »

Despite these problems, Tipo, who benefits from a 2 euro packHe doesn't see himself going to the competition: “I complain, but I don't want to pay 40 euros for the package either!” adds this humanities student.

At the next table, a woman in her forties interjects: “This is very As long as it lasts ! It's strange because we are in the heart of Marseille. Maybe we should escalate the issue to Free? »

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Coverage is being improved.

Actu Marseille complied. The free mobile operator was contacted who states that it is currently operational.Improving its network in Marseilleespecially around the Jean Jaurès Square, in order to best meet the expectations of its customers.

It remains to be seen whether these improvements will have an impact. Real positive impact On user contact. To be continued!

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