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Mod Rainfall: Frontier There is Return online After deleting the content under consideration Pedophiles Or inappropriate. The mod, one of the most anticipated so far, was launched on January 15, but immediately ended up at the center of a major controversy caused by a writer accused of posting pictures of minors with a sexual background on the artstation (the hunter). , And for the representation of certain causes in the mod.

In short, the mod was removed a few days later Nexus Mots, But has now been cleaned up online. The offender in the offensive content was expelled and its content removed.

It is very bad that other teachers have decided to withdraw their contributions because they no longer want to be associated with the project. As explained by the head of mod tgspy, various conversations have been removed letters And so on Graphic elements. Deleted a radio station song, again for the same reason. So playing the fight: Frontier Now the development team will find some less content that they want to change later.

The content that created the confusion was a conversation in which a woman called America Slave and a woman named May uttered some irrelevant phrases. Tgspy acknowledged that these themes did not touch on the right tactic, but noted that there was no malicious intent on the part of the development team behind those conversations.

Rainfall: Frontier is a mode of rainfall: New Vegas, which is always the largest. Too bad this story is put in a bad light because overall it is a remarkable work.

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