WhatsApp announces new security features

WhatsApp is not only available on smartphones, but also on desktop. Anyone who wants to use this must take certain security measures in the future.

If you want to use WhatsApp on your computer, you must take additional security measures in the future. WhatsApp reports in a press release. Accordingly, in the future the messaging program will require biometric authentication before linking the account to the web app.

Users who want to use the desktop or web version of WhatsApp have to unlock their smartphones with either face recognition or a fingerprint, if applicable. Only then can they scan the QR code with which they can link their WhatsApp account to the desktop or web version of the messaging program. More about WhatsApp Web and how you can use the version, Read here.

WhatsApp does not access data

New security measures will be available in the next few weeks. WhatsApp also confirms that the messaging software cannot access biometric information – fingerprints or face scans don’t end up with the company. These are only saved on the respective device. What data otherwise WhatsApp collects about its users and shares with Facebook, Read here.

WhatsApp justifies this move with more safety for users. The company writes: “This additional level of security ensures that WhatsApp accounts cannot be linked to other devices without the user’s consent. This complements the current security measures, indicated on the mobile phone every time the user logs into the user’s Web or desktop and offers the option to unlink a device. Via mobile phone at any time. “

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