Brawlhalla – Magyar, The Phantom of Armor is now available as Legend 52

Today Ubisoft announced that Magyar, a shield possessed and one of Strazci, a legion of elite knights raised from death, is haunting Valhalla’s halls as Legend No. 52. Spirits in Magyar use shields to wield the mighty sword and hammer and confront other legends in distinct Magyar attacks.

Magyar fights its enemies with the following powerful signature attacks:

Greatsword signature attacks:

  • Neutral Attack – Fires spirits from Magyar to fix enemies in the air. The shield holds the enemy in place while the mighty sword cuts the body.

  • Side Attack – After having struck Magyar once, the ghosts leave the shields to grab the mighty sword and eliminate the enemy.

  • Low Attack – After a quick jump, the ghosts grab the mighty sword and strike it.

Hammer signature attacks:

  • Neutral Attack – Ghosts shoot the enemy in the air and then boost the hammer for a more powerful attack.

  • Side Attack – Magyar quickly crawls towards his enemies and then hits them with the hammer.

  • Low Attack – Magyar hovers in midair until the ghosts grab the hammer and use it to wipe out the enemy.

Magyar is available for 7,200 gold and initially offers three variants:

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