Chateaubriand: Visit these tourist sites in virtual reality

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Wander through La Hunaudière jewellery, In Sion-les-Mines (Loire-Atlantique), watch blacksmiths forge bronze and hear the sound of metal tools in the mid-1830s.

This is what the intercommunal tourist office of Chateaubriand-Derval (Loire-Atlantique) offers. Thanks to a virtual reality headset, the public can visit it This tourist site is in total immersion.

Chateaubriand: In 1830 he indulged in the Honaudière fishery

To discover Location of Hunaudière factories As in 1830, the Chateaubriand tourist office invites you to don a virtual reality headset.

Thanks to this immersion, Visitors can explore the site Through several external views of the place. It is also possible to visit three workshops from that period: the refinery, the foundry and the blast furnace.

Usage is simple. After he put the helmet on his head You have to press the button on the controller To navigate. Once you are immersed in the middle of the place, you just have to let yourself be swept away by the beauty of the site.

First, we walk around and then enter several stone buildings. We meet the workers, dressed in period clothing, in full gear. Then between two buildings We can look towards the pond De la Haunaudière.

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Throughout the visit, don't forget to listen to the birds singing, the sound of the wind and the sound of hammers.

a Once the visit is overBack to the truth. The experience lasts a few minutes but we have a great time.

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Mobile application

This type of initiative comes from a project Community of municipalities of Chateaubriand-Derval Who accompanied the association Les Amis des Forges de la Honaudière.

In 2022, they collaborated to createImmersive digital application. The public is allowed to visit places as in 1830 using their phones.

“Our goal is Enhancing heritage sites“By adapting to demand,” says Anne Collette-Billiol, head of Comcom's tourism department.

This project was created with the help of Orinox and Com par l'image. Between the 3D reconstruction of the site, Scientific research and graphics, and the creation of the application continued for about a year.

To visit places, simply download the app on your phone or tablet. Once you enter the Forges de la Hunaudière location, you must stand in front of each station and scan the QR code. we Then it was found in 1830 in La Hunaudière.

Two virtual reality headsets are available at the tourist office

The tourist office at Châteaubriant has two virtual reality headsets. In addition to immersion in the Forges de la Hunaudière, other discoveries are offered.

the Visitors can come and experience this experience By immersing yourself in the heart of the Moisdon forge, on the Châteaubriant racecourse and in the woods at Saint-Aubin-des-Châteaux. The opportunity to discover the riches of the region Unlike that.

“We suggest that Test this experiment from time to time“, points out Anne Collette Bailiol.

On some Saturdays of the year, office teams organize times to allow the public to come and try these helmets on.

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It can also be accessed during Blue Week in October. Designed for the elderly. The Tourism Office also offers it during the C'Num event, a time dedicated to digital technology.

Mathurin Lipinay (Trainee).

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