Why was Chained Together a live hit?

In recent days, a game has gone viral on Twitch. But why has Chained Together been such a hit for some time now?

You may have heard of 'chaining together'. Especially if you usually go to Twitch to spend your evenings. This is the game that has been a huge hit on streaming. But what is it and why is it so successful? This is the question we ask ourselves.

A platform where we can see everything

If you're not used to browsing the web, you probably don't know what this platform is. This is a platform where streamers mainly stream their video game titles. But other content can be streamed.

Guide, Kendrick Lamar concert, on Wednesday, June 19, can be watched live on Twitch. Netizens have the opportunity to see Dr.Dre hit the stage for a cover of the emblematic West Coast headliner.

Through the platform, the French were also able to follow the French team’s journey to the Kings League. A competition in which the player Aminmato and his teammates were unable to get out of the groups after a controversial final match.

On the other hand, even if we could discover a lot of content on Twitch, we wouldn't be able to follow The Olympic Games in Paris. So you will be able to follow the events on TV and nowhere else.

In addition to these events, there has been a game that has been spreading for several days on the live streaming platform, and we are informing you about that. While many banners called on the French to do so Voting in the upcoming legislative electionsThe game seems more important than politics.

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As we inform you, This is the game chained together. It has only been available for one day and has already been a huge hit. It seems that many netizens have been tempted and are continuing to stream their game.

The new block from Twitch

This title is strangely reminiscent of the game Only Up in which you have to climb as high as possible without falling. At the risk of catching up with dozens of hours of gameplay to get back to where you left off.

In chained together, you We must try to escape from hell To reach the sun, which is 3,500 meters high. Obviously nothing is simple about this game because you are not alone in trying to reach the sun.

As noted Our colleagues from BFMTVThe problem is, you find yourself in a team of two or four people, linked by a chain. In reality, This chain will limit your movements. If a character falls, you fall with them.

Therefore you will need to coordinate to Achieve your goals and touch the sun. Do you think this is the only difficulty in this game that is causing the rage on Twitch? no. There is another item that drove players crazy for a few hours.

The fact that you have to try to escape from hell within a certain period of time. In reality, “The lava almost engulfs you with every passing minute. Chained Together ranks players according to completion time.select our colleagues from BFMTV.

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