Check Laptop Battery Status in Windows 11/10

Windows includes a powerful command line tool called PowerCFG which is very useful for troubleshooting power plans. In addition, this tool Energy Efficiency Diagnostic Report ToolIt will also allow you to enable and disable devices. In this article, we will learn how to use PowerCGF to know the health status of your laptop battery.

The operating system includes a “hidden” tool that checks your laptop’s power consumption and gives you a report and suggestions on how to improve battery efficiency. In this article, we will see how you can produce a file Battery Status Report Using the Energy Efficiency Diagnostic Report Tool in . format Windows 11/10/8/7.

Windows Energy Efficiency Diagnostic Report Tool

To run the Energy Efficiency Diagnostic Report Tool, run cmd as administrator.

On the command line, note the following:

powercfg -energy -output FoldernameFilename.html

For example, I saved my file to my desktop with the name Power_Report.html.

powercfg -energy -output c:UsersACKDesktopPower_Report.html

For about 60 seconds, Windows will track, monitor, analyze and generate a report in HTML format, at the location you specified.

Energy Efficiency Diagnostic Report Tool

If I just wrote powercfg power and press Enter, the report will be saved to your System32 folder.

Create a battery status report in Windows

The Energy Efficiency Diagnostic Report It can be quite detailed and can confuse an average user. This report will analyze and display the health status of the battery and report warnings, errors, and other information related to the battery.

In the case of this battery, you can see that the design capacity is 5200 while the last full charge shows 4041, which is about 22% less than the initial charge envisaged. If your battery is showing a figure close to 50%, you can expect it to only last for a few months.

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Check laptop battery status in windows

There are also free tools that allow you to assess and monitor your Windows laptop battery. BatteryEater is a testing tool that aims to reveal the capabilities of a laptop’s battery.

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BatteryCare is another free program that improves laptop battery usage and performance. It monitors battery discharge cycles and helps increase battery life and improve battery life. BatteryInfoView will display information about your battery.

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Generate a battery status report

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