OVHcloud takes another step towards quantum computing

Quandela, a French company specializing in quantum computing, owns Advertising On June 14, a partnership with OVHcloud was signed. The goal of this collaboration is to host the Perceval suite of software, developed by Quandela, to enable manufacturers, developers and the broader scientific community to exploit all the benefits of quantum computing.

Startup Quandela is trying to design a high-performance optical computer

Founded in 2017 by Pascal Senelart, research director at the CNRS Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology and Université Paris-Saclay, Valerian Ges, engineer and physician in quantum optics, and Nikolo Somachi, PhD in semiconductor nanotechnology, Coandela is known for developing optical computers (or photovoltaic).

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Instead of using electrons to process information like any computer would, optical computers use photons to do so. The main advantage of using photons lies in the fact that they do not generate any magnetic interference or heat, while they propagate faster than electrons. Thus, these computers are faster, and can be more powerful than today’s conventional computers.

Use of a quantum computer

Quantum technology makes it possible to improve research in many areas, especially in computer science and artificial intelligence. Photo: Gartner.

Percival software suite to run quantum algorithms

In parallel with optical computers, Quandela’s business has developed a software suite to facilitate research around quantum computing. Titled Percival, it should make it possible to develop and implement quantum algorithms through optical quantum computer simulations. The partnership signed with OVHcloud should allow Quandela to host Perceval in open source.

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As Valerian Geese, CEO and Co-Founder of Quandela notes, “ With OVHcloud, we will provide users with scalable computing power, allowing them to design and simulate algorithms using more photons. “.

It then provides more information about the upcoming availability of the software suite: By the end of the year, we will make our optical quantum computer available as a web service, which will allow OVHcloud users to seamlessly run their algorithms on a real optical QPU. “.

With this partnership, OVHcloud clearly shows that it is interested in quantum computing. A few days ago, the host company announced that the Atos quantum simulator will soon be available on its cloud platform. ” By announcing this partnership with Atos, OVHcloud underscores its ambition to take on the latest technology and make it accessible to as many people as possible. The quantitative revolution and the deployment of first use cases cannot happen without the cloud, which guarantees a pattern of consumption and freedom of use capable of uniting communities of experts. Thierry Such, Chief Technology Officer, OVHcloud, announced.

It’s not the only company that has launched the quantum race in France. Many companies are either trying to design their own quantum computers like Alice & Bob or offer services related to this technology.

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