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PlayStation Engineer Mark Cherni He is a great gamer and wants to finish and platinum the video games that hit him the most. However he expressed it If a game has online trophies, it avoids targeting platinum From the beginning of the game. The fault lies with the fall of man’s resistance.

In an interview with Game Informer, Cherni explained that he was part of the anti-design team and that he spent hundreds of hours in the game, thus convincing himself that he was very talented. But still, When he tried to play T1 online, he was “dominated” by other players. So it has decided to set aside the idea of ​​getting platinum in sports and in the future.

Cherni said it has now opened 33 platinums on the PlayStation 4 Now you have to be 100% hunting in the cuphead. However, he admits that even if he finishes the game once, he is not sure he can do it.

Cherni also spoke Knock, Another game he helped create. “The time required was not much, but the randomness of some components made the experience brutal, and we fixed it on Knock 2,” he admitted, adding that Knock’s Platinum was a lot of fun.

So Cerny is not a great online player, he wants to target Platinum, all he needs is to play offline. Tell us, Do you do the same? Or are you simply not interested in trophies?

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The fall of man’s resistance

Veronica Tucker

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