Clichy: Treasure hunt on the streets in the footsteps of inspiring women

American aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart, Russian Valentina Tereshkova, first woman to fly in space, French journalist and feminist Hubertin Auclert and French explorer Alexandra David Neal. Lots of women who, along with the most famous such as Marie Curie, Simone de Beauvoir, Margaret Urcinar, Olympique de Gouge and Simon Ville, have inspired Clichy on the occasion of March 8 and International Women’s Rights Day.

In a very special context marked by the health crisis, the city decided to present an open-air exhibition in the form of a picnic and a treasure hunt. The goal is to find on the streets quotes from fifteen women who have left their mark on the struggle for equality. Fill out a small brochure with exact location and pricing until the end of the month to then participate in the April Prize Draw.

“When we started working on March 8th, we had no idea about the health situation,” explains Iman Ashour, the municipality’s advisor in charge of women’s rights. So we decided to introduce this imagined walk to the whole family, assuming we could, even confined, walk for an hour. “

Weekend confinement is now ruled out, the scavenger hunt down the streets of Clichy is thus an opportunity to take your time to find where to paste quotes. The brochure, available as of Monday in Town Hall and downloadable, actually offers some guides. “These women find out, what they did, their words and I hope to create a curiosity to go further,” sums up the town’s elected representative.

Besides the characters, unknown heroines were marked by the epidemic

Who called the painter, not clichoes Melanie Gaultier-To achieve the graphic images accompanying the quotes, with spirit Street art. “I loved making these drawings by women who also inspired me and I feel really proud of my participation in this project,” confirms the 38-year-old web designer, who admits that she has not yet found all of her work on. The city in which she lived for ten years.

For the Indian ink and computer illustrator, these women highlighted in this way are models. “They succeeded because they were not afraid or because they faced their fears and listened to each other. Each woman can find a reflection of her own experience,” adds this single mother of two.

Melanie Gauthier poses in front of one of the pictures on the road. But which of them said: “A woman is not inferior, in passivity, in submission in love. She is active and should be free like a man”?

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Parallel to this fun session, the city council has also decided to highlight ten women who have distinguished themselves since the start of this health crisis, and their photos will be hung on the doors of the City Hall on Monday. “Whether they are school principals, nurses, cashiers or dressmakers, they are unidentified heroines in recent months and it was very important to show them as well,” Iman Ashour asserts.

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