Competition game – discover the arbitration: the place of Tarnier themselves

As part of its development and quality plan, FFR has offered its clubs to participate in the Game Discovery in Judging (CJDA) competition, intended for boys under 14 and girls under 15 years old. This competition was open to all Ligue d’Occitanie clubs.

Despite the obstacles related to the health context, the competition, which aims to popularize the rules of the game of rugby and improve the knowledge of young players, was held on Saturday 10 April. The NFL and the League have been able to adapt and innovate this season, with an online event that could take place inside clubs or at players’ homes.

St-Juéry finished third

Teams must consist of at least four players. Those who already had a ruling license were not able to participate in these events. If this competition was usually played in two parts, the field and the questionnaire, then this season it was limited to the non-material version in clubs, without practicing on the ground, in a voluntary form.

For the second year in a row, there will be no national final that would allow the winning team to defend the colors of Occitanie in Marcosi during the Final of the 14 Best.

For Tarn, San Guoire provided two teams, one Carmo, and Custer and Sur Agut joined their forces.

Tarnais performed well and they should be congratulated for their good performance.

Saint-Juéry finished third and sixth, Castres / Sor Agout 7 and Carmaux 30.

Teams on the platform will receive a supply of equipment.

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