Animal Crossing New Horizons celebrates the Lunar New Year in game!

Animal crossing does not leave! With the New Horizons franchise, the game took a big hit … and even celebrated the Lunar New Year!


Happy New Year to all Chinese! Quite a few Asian countries celebrated the Lunar New Year on February 12 … but Animal Crossing New Horizons is also involved in the field and is organizing its own party!

Because since last year, it hasn’t left Nintendo. While the game flooded French homes during its first confinement, it continues its dizzying journey … The 2020 most bought cultural property in France!

Japan also flooded more than 17 million cartridges Over the past year. Incredible success Animal Crossing also owes its versatility. Because the game remains accessible to everyone, and allows You find yourself with your unique island

And so we remember TV commercial with Denis Bruniart in France : He himself was able to make his own virtual koh lanta. After this little wink, the game succeeds in seducing the diversity of its landscapes and characters …

But also its festivals. Animal Crossing New Horizons is really a patience game. So sanding the game for 23 hours a day is not helpful, It seems like it’s profitable to run it for an hour or two a day.

Above all, for several months! Because the game offers seasonal changes. Hence the celebration changes. Within a few months, Fans were able to celebrate Halloween, Christmas and the New Year… but also the Chinese New Year!

Animal Crossing New Horizons celebrates the Lunar New Year in game!

Animal Crossing also celebrates Chinese New Year!

As always, theThe game thus offers activities on islands with residents, To celebrate moments inside that are not happening or outside a bit due to the virus. Good idea, the brand is pushing it too far …

Thus all the villagers will appear excited about this party! They’ll only have that word in their mouths … so Animal Crossing fans can’t miss it. But it will also be possible to change the decor of your island a little!

The game really offers Nook Machine rushing To buy new items. Be careful, the event does not last long, so you have to hurry and steal the arrows … but the decor will change everything!

Animal Crossing fans can already Spoil yourself with floors and decorations for the Lunar New Year, but also the lucky Hong Bao! A true Asian atmosphere contrasts perfectly with the snow that is scattering islands at the moment …

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, fans will have to hurry. The event only lasts for a short time, but lets you go ahead after Christmas … and maybe before that New celebrations for Valentine’s Day?

Because Animal Crossing also makes some pretty things to celebrate Valentine’s Day … but vSo it will only have a few days to change the decor!