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Jeff Kaplan, director and first episode of Overwatch 2, leaves the blizzard

Overwatch 2 Loses 90 pieces that are still in development Jeff Kaplan, The Director The history of the first chapter has already announced its purpose Leave the blizzard In these hours.

“After 19 wonderful years I am leaving Blizzard Hobbies,” Kapil said on his own Official press release, “The opportunity to create worlds and heroes for an emotional audience is truly an honor of life. I would like to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation to Blizzard for supporting our games, our teams and our players. But I would also like to extend a special thank you to the wonderful developers who shared the journey with me. Always try to see what happens. I hope you continue to do so. “

The development of the Overwatch 2 is therefore entrusted Aaron Keller, Is another key figure in the first overwatch and a longtime developer in the blizzard, so he will be the director of the second episode. Keller also spoke about his former colleague in an official communication: “Jeff has been a great leader, mentor and friend. He knows how much we will miss him. I’m lucky to work with him and the other Overwatch team. For many years, he has continued to inspire people around the world. I’m proud to create and move the torch forward. “

Keller just wanted to show how much he loves the Overwatch, and that the development of the First and Overwatch 2 is even better. Teamwork To show how the change of director should not affect the development of the new chapter, is not “a vision”.

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According to the new director, Lo Development di Overwatch 2 “Continue at a great pace” And the group “has some amazing presentations planned for this year and beyond. We will share Frequent updates About the progress of Overwatch 2 and the new features of the game with all of you. “

The release date for the new episode is yet to come, while a new character named Sojourn will be released during Blisscon 2021. Additional information was obtained on that occasion, and can be found briefly in Christian Collie’s Blissconline 2021 preview.

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