Copies of French and Philosophy digitized at the Académie des Nantes

No more red pen scribbling in the margin. For the first time nationwide, Teachers will correct French and Philosophical Baccalaureate transcripts on their computers. High school students will continue to work on paper copies of exams. It will then be digitized. The goal of government and university administration at the Nantes Academy is To avoid loss of copies and to simplify corrections, But some teachers are concerned.

craving for paper

Karen Prevost, professor of philosophy in Nantes, is somewhat nostalgic for hard copies of her baccalaureate. “It’s the end of the red pen, but it is above all the beginning of something we don’t know at all and then it adds extra difficulty in an already complicated year due to the health crisis”, she explained. Although this thirty-something is familiar with new technologies and their followers, she wants to get it right on paper. “Our relationship to paper is more active than our relationship to screen, where we unfold and where we have the impression that we are more passive, Says. I get the impression that we prefer quantity over quality“.

In this complex year of health crisis, we didn’t need it – Karen Prevost, Professor of Philosophy in Nantes

Simple support issue

For others, this shift to digital is more natural. “It’s just a new way, says André Guigot, professor of philosophy at Orvault near Nantes. For me it does not change anything. Basically, it is always about evaluating transcripts, and respecting candidates by being demanding and benevolent.”

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Tried and Verified Tool

To reassure anxious teachers, the dean of the Nantes Academy provides details. : “This device was already tested by BTS teachers in 2016 and worked well, William Marois details. The tool that teachers of French and philosophy will use is effective and allows corrections to be made on paper. Once the students are finished, the transcripts are sent to a room near the formation rooms and then sent to the university administration and the proofreaders via a secure channel. Helps prevent copy theft and loss”, he adds. confirms it The quality of the corrections will be the same as in previous years. This digitization of transcripts pertains to BTS, General and Tech Baccalaureate students, for the written exams that were preserved this year.

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