Cozy Cloud Finally Enables Selective Sync

This functionality has been promised for a long time, and is now available in the French open source Cozy Cloud. Selective sync is offered on Linux, macOS, and Windows.

The most anticipated feature is now available in all convenient places, free, paid, hosted or self-hosted. over here selective synchronization. The Support Pages The publisher has been updated for this occasion.

What are we talking about? By default, the Cozy app syncs all Cozy folders to your local computer, but it can be useful to exclude certain folders that are on the server. For example to free up space on your computer. Or to sync Cozy with your home and work computer. So, for each connected computer, you can now sSelect the server folders you don’t want to sync.

You can install Cozy Cloud on all your devices, be it iOS/iPadOS, Android or tablet, but also on your computers Windows, Linux and macOS operating systems. On Linux, you absolutely need a 64-bit system. The download page Leads to all applications, and all platforms combined.

As a reminder, Cozy Cloud . was developed in open source.

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