c’t zockt LIVE from 6 PM: Satisfactory – nothing can stop us!

First of all, it’s dropping fast: As pioneers, we landed in a small pod on an unknown planet. Drop capsule material is used as the basis for the first axis, which we want to quickly expand to a larger production facility. In Satisfactory factory building game, we receive new building plans for materials, machinery, logistics and transportation with every progress.

Exotic plants and animals await on this planet – some are harmless, others are dangerous. We explore the New World in search of raw material deposits. The unknown is analyzed and used to produce goods. In the open world game, you alternate between building production facilities and exploring the unknown.

First you get a brief summary about Ficsit’s goals: Get It All!

Both are very interesting: Satisfactory from the Swedish developer Coffee Stain StudiosKnown from Sanctum’s tower defense games Campus 2, Promises endless hours of fun and impresses with beautiful graphics and imaginative worlds that can be explored alone or with other players.

Not direct and team play: Satisfactory

A disease that is still in the early access stage and is constantly being developed. But the game leaves a very mature impression; Except for some cutting errors, we did not notice any errors. Some game elements that can be found in the world are marked as work in progress, but are not related to the progress of the game.

C’t zockt brings together players from c’t magazine and from hayes online. We play games in bed, like indie and early access games, have a heart for old titles and sometimes we even venture into virtual reality. We broadcast LAN parties directly from our video studio on YouTube and we also post new videos about games regularly. Have a look: youtube.com/ctzockt

Minimum requirements are moderate with quad-core processor (i5 3570), 2GB graphics (GTX 770 or better) and 8GB of RAM. The developer has not made any recommendations yet. The game runs on 64-bit Windows (from 7), but it also runs on Linux via Steam Play / Proton.

Satisfactory debuted in March 2019 in Epic-Games-Store, But also since June 2020 On Steam For 30 euros. C’t-zockt’s Liane and Rudi will play Satisfactory on Thursday January 14th from 6pm. The YouTube channel is not supported. Will they survive, find a good home for their plant – and will the live broadcast technology work?

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