La Faute-sur-Mer Vendée. 4G ANTENNA: Orange opens a new 4G mobile site

Orange strengthened its 4G network in Vendée with the opening of a new mobile site in La Faute-sur-Mer
Robert Mito, Regional Delegate for Orange Pays de la Loire, Johann Moginot, Deputy Governor of Sables d’Olonne and Laurent Hogger, Mayor of La-Faute-sur-Mer, were present today to set up the 4G Orange branch in the city.
Despite the health crisis, installations are continuing, allowing for gradual improvement in 4G mobile network coverage in the region, especially in rural areas.
In 2020, Orange can claim the opening of 23 new mobile sites, almost all of them in rural areas.
Two new 4G antennas were also created in 2020 and 28 4G speed increases on existing mobile sites, especially in rural areas.

According to Robert Mito, Orange Pays de la Loire regional rep:
« I am delighted to open this new branch in the department. It responds to our strategy of providing the best mobile coverage in our lands, especially in rural areas, and it also complements the protective system for residents established by the municipality of La Faute-sur-Mer in case of a weather alert.. »

Johan Mogene, deputy governor of Sables d’Olonne, said he was pleased with the development:
«On behalf of the state, I am pleased to improve the mobile phone coverage of the municipality of La Faute-sur-Mer, which will at the same time enhance economic competitiveness, social cohesion and protect the population from natural hazards in this region. “

The establishment of this new branch also makes it possible to complete the citizen alert system that was established in the city.

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For his part, Laurent Hoger, Mayor of La-Faute-sur-Mer, welcomed these developments, particularly with regard to the necessary transmission of weather information:
« As the mayor of La Fôte-sur-Mer, the safety of the residents is a major issue in my commitment. Every winter, I convey to the residents the meteorological alerts that the governor sends, and I always made sure that all citizens could be informed. Also, in 2014, then 1is being The municipality agent, I noticed that the mobile reception does not cover the municipality properly, looked for solutions to improve this situation. At Orange I found a partner who listened to my expectations and committed to an effective approach. So I am delighted to open today this equipment, which meets our needs in terms of safety as well as the tourist attraction of Southern Vendée Littoral. This project is also part of the context of the tremendous development of remote work that has demonstrated the undeniable appeal of young people working in regions like ours, as it combines an exceptional natural living environment and effective means of communication. »

4G supports mobile phone use
4G technology enables everything to be shared faster. The use of 4G-compatible smartphones, tablets or laptops becomes smoother and immediate. New uses are made possible, with compatible equipment, such as HDTV on mobile devices and streaming HD video on the go. These new speeds are changing the mobile Internet experience for users: they watch their programs in HD, and legally download movies and series almost instantly.
Note that data consumption doubles every year on the mobile network.

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Correspondent Sable

Note: Orange services remind you of this The annual ARCEP survey on the quality of mobile phone services from French telecom operators confirms that Orange has the best mobile network in France for the tenth time in a row.
Orange is the first step on the platform in rural areas in terms of voice, text messaging and mobile internet, and it achieves the best results in communities with fewer than 10,000 residents and isolated municipalities.
The Orange Rank # 1 or # 1 correlates with 51 of 57 criteria measured in rural areas. Orange is ranked # 1 or # 1 ex-aequo in voice, SMS and mobile internet with 244 criteria out of 266 published. “

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