David Guetta, first DJ to design his avatar for immersive concerts

He announced the news on his social media networks in September 2020, and will be a partner of Sensorium Corporation. A company that combines virtual reality and music with a social platform.

What will he do with them?

Quite simply a series of shows, somehow coordinated, but in virtual reality. On the platform, there is a world called The “Sensorium Galaxy” that will create events and an entire virtual world. Several other international DJs have already been announced at their future virtual concerts Carl CoxAnd Armin Van Buren or Black coffee.

David Geeta is always on top

Although he is one of the oldest DJs still in the limelight, he nonetheless is an intro. He is also the first to play his avatar development game. A video has just been released about how they capture each of his movements with the latest tools to make his performance as realistic as possible.

Tests are underway and beyond Sensorium Corporation, platform should be available in 2021.

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