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In the nostalgic discussions on the topic “My first video game“, Alex Kidd in Miracle World It is a name that appears regularly between the well-crowded 1930s, unless they sided with Nintendo rather than Master System. Depending on the model, 8-bit Sega integrated this platform game automatically, which made it a very poor candidate for an intro to video games. After more than 30 years, Merge Games and Jankenteam have given us this reboot with a looser grip, which takes all the levels of the original game but also adds its own creations.

Comparison of old and new will also be possible with a push of a button to switch to retro mode. Paper-scissor-based boss battles will return, of course, but the new battles are also part of the game, knowing that we can replay them immediately with the mode. The boss rushed. On the musical side, the reinvented tracks will accompany the original tunes of Tokuhiko Uwabo, Sega’s leading composer.

Note that there are hard copies in Signature Edition games Which offers a standard version as well as a collector version is full of possibilities and ends on all consoles. These releases will also be distributed under the usual trademarks by For games only.

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