Ubisoft waits a month to sell XP booster to killer Creed Valhalla

An explanation for the headline that Ubisoft waits a month to sell the XP booster for ibisachins Creed Valhalla / i. Waiting a month for the XP Booster to go on sale.

Screenshot: Ubisoft / Kottaku

What do you do when you start one Killer belief The game includes the option to pay $ 10 to quickly balance your customers, draw all sorts of negative reactions to them many of which are suspicious, cautious then start a new one Killer belief Two years later? Can I start again with that controversial payment booster? No. If you’s publisher Ubisoft, first drop your X 10 XP booster (hooray!) And then add it a month after its release (hmm).

Yesterday, Creed Valhalla of the AssassinTwo premium boosters are included in the online store. For $ 10, players can permanently charge 50% of their character’s experience-point gain. They can pay another $ 10 to do as much game coin as they earn or buy a $ 15 bundle that allows them to do both.

XP receives Valhalla Allows players to earn points that can be spent on improving their character’s offensive and defensive stats, as well as offers that make their character more powerful.

Two years ago, Assassin’s Creed OdysseyDesigners Denied Boosters affected the design of their game, he said, adding that they did not slow down the pace at which your character strengthened in order to motivate people to buy the booster.

Today, a representative of Ubisoft said this ValhallaIn Booster: “XP boosters do not affect the design of the game.”

XP and Money Boosters 2018 Assassin's Creed Odyssey

XP and money boosters from the 2018 Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
Screenshot: Ubisoft / Kottaku

That is credible ValhallaThey calculated at what rate the characters in the game would improve without factor in any of the charge boosters. Writing progress in Valhalla Stable as the players climb hundreds of levels after the search.

It was believable Odyssey, Playing the game with an omnipotent appetite for key quests and side-quests allows players to comfortably improve their character without paying for boosters. As players became more focused on key quests, power climbing became more difficult.

OdysseyDevelopers Was To deal with, at least, The origin of the fastest progress possible, Because that $ 10 booster went on sale at the same time as the $ 60 game. Who can completely reject the idea The game is sold at such a hidden cost a It is said to be free Very slow moving mobile game if you do not pay?

Last spring, கோட்டாக்கு Asked the creative director Valhalla About the possibility for an XP booster. H.e dodged, he said, adding that players should reconsider their progress in the next game so that they do not realize that the areas they want to explore are inaccessible to them. Then came the boot and no booster. Lesson learned?

Well, that sounds like a lesson learned. Another major publisher, Activision, has been around since Adding micro-exchanges with Call of duty Games after release, The past when reviewing their gamesGet married. Valhalla It started with some micro transfers for special wear and useful maps, but those awkward boosters have been put on hold until now.

You can also buy this for Valhalla.

You can also buy this for Valhalla.
Screenshot: Ubisoft / Kottaku

It is true that people are happily moving forward Valhalla For a month, it supports the idea that the game is not designed to make them feel like they need it XP Booster. There have not been many complaints that the game is too difficult to progress, which leaves its player character very weak. Complaint, if any, has a lot to do with its world, which can be huge for the game, which is a different kind of issue.

The existence of any micro-exchange is always a stimulus to wonder. Even if it is not guaranteed they are skeptical, and in this regard the creators of a game make a slander that it should be part of the equation, which is a facility available to comfortable players and the profit it brings to the company. Is it worth it?

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