Delete WhatsApp Media quickly and easily with the latest update

If your iPhone is running low on storage, you are using Share, Videos, voice messages and photos stored in the app may take up significant space. Although you can always delete WhatsApp Media, the process is now much easier

WhatsApp is releasing a new and improved way to manage storage in the app, allowing users to easily identify, select, and delete content that can fill their phone.

WhatsApp now offers easy cleanup suggestions for bucketing both large files and media that have been sent multiple times, sorting the files in descending order, and providing a way to preview the files before deleting them. You can also preview the media before selecting one or more items to delete.

For example, media labeled ‘shared multiple times’ will not be private to you, so the application will allow you to select all and then delete all For the rest, you can see which files take up more space and select and delete them.

An update is coming out worldwide this week. You can check it by going to Settings> Storage and Data> Manage Storage. Take a look Video Below to see how it works.

The screen grab shows the Android version, but the same feature comes with iOS.

Allows you for an update from last month Disable group chats always If you are not interested in the content, but do not want to offend by leaving the chat.

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