Destiny 2 announces lost loot in new hunt

at Destiny 2 The Coup de Grâce mission and its plunder causes trouble. MeinMMO tells you how to cultivate the alien ship “The Fourth Mark”.

What are the problems there? A.m Reset Weekly des 05. Januar The rangers were amazed: A new mission, the last quest of the leader of Angry Born, was surprisingly alive. Unfortunately, the persecution of the owner of the great celebration continues Season 12 Not quite round for many players.

  • If you do too much damage to the boss too quickly, the mission full of story cannot be completed. So it had to be Bungee asks players to slow down.
  • The many domains and portals that you own and through which you follow the owner of the grand celebration do not always work.
  • The following scene at least illustrates Krähe’s fate. Even if some guardians laugh at the fact that after the insightful video in the game itself, everything remains the same – maybe until Season 13 kicks off in February.
  • Then several players also complain about not getting the promised loot after the mission.

The Alien Ship Quest Screen “Fourth Mark” is a guaranteed bonus:

The mission itself was considered successful, but problems and a lack of loot led to much frustration. The Mystery Ship, in particular, provides players with a lively guess. Do special conditions have to be met during the mission in order to obtain the unique ship?

A strange ship “Fourth Mark” listening or rare?

Guardians ask themselves: You can also discuss hunting and looting on MeinMMO:

  • Request in the comments Daniel: “Did any of you get the ship as a reward? Or is this an offer? Because after the mission was completed, the ship was still listed as a reward in the mission overview … but I didn’t get it.”
  • Our reader Protwebe “You won’t get the ship and the victory until next week, as it seems you can only do this chase once a week,” he speculated.
  • MeinMMO user Bobby He was lucky: “Well, I did the mission solo yesterday and finally got on the ship. Maybe there are issues between the consoles? Is the mission on the PS5.”
This is the “fourth sign.”

This is how Bungie explains: Destiny developer reported via Twitter that they are investigating issues with the “Coup de Grace” mission.

Regarding the Alien Ship, Bungie then informed that this was not a guaranteed landing. Unlike in the game, when you complete the quest you only have a “rare chance to reward”.

But the chances improve with each grade. It is not clear how high the chance is at the origin and from when the vessel was insured, so to speak. Bad Luck Protection also applies to Raid Exotics.

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Bungie is also currently investigating why shields from chasing revelers have lower values ​​than planned (via Twitter). Plus, you have to track some wins during Season 12, so you can’t spot everything in the Triumphs tab.

This is how you cultivate the grand celebration in Destiny 2

You can apparently search for the celebration owner once a week, per character. So you really can’t run the mission according to your heart’s content and farmer for loot – or can you? Guardian “Flg” swears Twitter Now the possibility of how you can play the “Coup de Grâce” mission endlessly.

How to grow rare loot: First you need a character who hasn’t completed the mission yet that week. This was already a prerequisite.

  • Stock to you The taste of cryptolite With High Celebrant Booty Mode
  • Wrath Born Hunt starts naturally
  • Once you are on the same mission, you choose your taste again. Now reset the taste. All loot mod slots are now empty.
  • Finish the task as usual. You will receive a powerful bonus every time you complete it and have a chance on the alien ship.
  • Then repeat the entire process until you get a rare drop in your pockets (Flg himself said he needed 10 ship runs).
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Have you already run the mission and even got all the rewards? Do you repeat the chase after the grandfather or are you in no hurry? Tell us and other readers in the comments.

With the final hunt beginning, Season 12 draws to a close. At least in terms of content. Read here what else will happen before the unknown thirteenth season begins in February: So Destiny 2 continues in 2021 – 9 open secrets for the 12th season

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