Vodafone’s malfunction in the mobile network across Germany is partially resolved

At Vodafone, there have been major disruptions to the cell phone network since the early afternoon. Vodafone says the error has now been fixed. Still many users complain about the problems.

Since around 2 PM, many Vodafone users have been able to use their cell phones only to take pictures: Telephone or mobile data cannot be used in many places over the mobile phone provider’s network. In addition, the failures were not regionally limited, but occurred throughout Germany.

At the Vodafone forum, the company reported major failures in its own service: there are “super-regional restrictions on mobile data and 2G / 3G / 4G telephony,” “My Vodafone on the Web” and the MeinVodafone app.

Vodafone did not provide details on the cause or duration of the defect. “As soon as we get news, we will call you again,” she said. Vodafone clarified in the evening that the problem had been resolved and that services were working again. However, this does not appear to be the case for all users. Even late in the evening, several thousand problem reports were received on allestören.de. Users comment that they cannot make calls or use their mobile data.

Vodafone did not mention the reason for the outage

Vodafone did not mention a cause for the massive disruption: When asked in an afternoon in Vodafone, t-online received a speaker who confirmed the problem and stated that the cause is not clear. At the time, Vodafone knew for sure that at least 100,000 customers were affected.

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However, the actual number is likely to be much higher: the reporting portal allestören.de received over 120,000 complaints by 14:37. This number only refers to users who have already reported on allestören.de. Thus, the number of affected people could be several times greater. At 9:50 PM, the number of complaints had decreased dramatically, but it was still over 4,000.

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