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Maintenance is underway in Fortnite for the launch of Chapter 3 Season 3! So it is impossible to launch the game, we explain why.

Chapter 3 season 3 settles down fortnite ! It will finally be possible to discover a whole new season, with many new features such as changes to the map, new NPCs or even new regular and legendary weapons.

But before discovering this new season, Maintenance is running on the game ! This prevents all players from joining Fortnite while patch 30.00 are posted. Once finished, it will be possible to play again, but in the meantime, it is impossible to start the game!

Maintenance for chapter 3 of season 3, unable to launch Fortnite

If you want to play Fortnite now, it’s going to be complicated! In fact, the game is currently under maintenance, it is impossible to release it for all players. This maintenance is tied to the release of Chapter 3 Season 3, and you will have to wait for the 30.00 patch to get into the game again. Maintenance started around 10:30 PM on Saturday 4th June 2022and must be completed within 5 June 2022. In this article, we tell you aboutSeason 3 maintenance ends.

Once the maintenance is over, you will be able to launch Fortnite again and experience the new season of the game.

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