Disappeared Worlds: An Educational and Immersive Virtual Reality Expedition to Percy Village

Discover a fun and educational activity, and experience about the evolution of the planet and living things. Eclipso brings you “Hidden Worlds” during an immersive virtual reality expedition in Bercy Village all summer long!

  • Immerse yourself in “Disappearing Worlds”: a revolutionary, immersive exploration in Paris

After being on display for 8 months at the National Museum of Natural History, this immersive expedition Vanished worlds Now available exclusively on eclipse to Percy Village Along with L'Horizon de Khéops.

“Disappearing Worlds” not exposure On the dinosaurs in paris, It is a truly amazing journey through over 3.5 billion years of Earth's history and the evolution of life. This immersion This 45-minute course offers an in-depth exploration of key periods of evolution, using cutting-edge technology to ensure an experience that is as educational as it is breathtaking. You can even walk alongside the fascinating species and get up close to a dinosaur.

Take your seat

Visitors to “Disappeared Worlds” are accessible from the age of eight and become actors in their own journey through time and space. They are no longer mere spectators, but physically and emotionally engaged participants, exploring a high-quality historical reenactment in an area ranging from 500 to 1,000 square metres.

Perfect outing to take family to school holiday !

This virtual reality experience is a co-production between Excursion And the National Museum of Natural History.

Every detail of the expedition has been validated by experts in paleontology, paleobotany, evolution, and bioacoustics, ensuring an authentic and informative immersive experience.

Visitors equipped with immersive devices can move freely, experiencing realistic sensations with their families and friends, making “Hidden Worlds” a group adventure.

eclipse Continues to redefine the intersection between culture, Education And technology By offering immersive journeys that combine exploration of new universes with futuristic innovation.

For loversdatefor scienceand based on technologyas well as for Families In search of an educational and entertaining outing, “Lost Worlds” offers an exceptional opportunity to discover the mysteries of our world in the form of Interactive And Immersive.

It is therefore a unique opportunity to do an original activity in Paris but above all to live an extraordinary experience.

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