As soon as Human is released, here are all the free gifts you can get in the game!

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As soon as Human is released, here are all the free gifts you can get in the game!

Whether it’s Twitch Drops, redeem codes, or even invite codes, these aren’t the only ways to get free rewards in One Human. Here are all the ways to get gifts with just a few clicks.

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Once Human is the new phenomenon game on Steam. Available since July 9, 2024 on Valve platforms and mobile, it is completely free to download, has online multiplayer and up to 4 players in co-op mode, and offers an FPS-style survival game experience. In short, a mix that has already won the admiration of thousands of Internet users but let's not forget that it is free to play: with the various in-game stores, you will quickly be tempted to spend real money to get some skins and other paid cosmetics. Fortunately, we have listed all the ways to get free rewards in the game below!

Once Human Launch: Pre-registration, Twitch Drops, and Welcome Gifts

If you pre-registered for One Human (all you have to do is wishlist it on Steam for example), you've already been able to get several free rewards directly to your in-game mailbox. For others, it's unfortunately too late, but a Twitch Drops campaign is currently underway, until August 5, in order to get a skin for your character.

The guide below explains how to link your account.

Likewise, by logging in during the first few days of One Human’s release, you’ll receive a welcome gift directly in the game. These are the three most popular ways to get free rewards for free, but be aware that there are other ways available with a little research.

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5 More Ways to Get Free Gifts in the Game

  • Extraction codes : Currently nothing is available but by monitoring the game accounts on the networks it should not take long. Two lives have already taken place on the official Twitch site in order to win the respective tokens (providing valuable resources),
  • Invitation codes : When you reach level 10, you can refer a friend. If the latter is already in the game and has not reached level 10, this will work!
  • Complete the battle pass : If there is a Premium (paid) version, you can easily never pay and enjoy free BP rewards by completing in-game missions to earn XP,
  • Events : In the menu you will see a tab with current events. There is one for example that simply asks you to open the web pages with the game's social networks, in order to get some resources,
  • Travel Guide The more you play, the more you fill out your travel guide to get rewards.

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