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Chernobyl Coming outInitial access In 2021, as planned at the beginning of early access, it will also be translated Italian. So even though there has been little improvement in the release compared to the initial plans, the epidemic has not forced the developers to postpone the launch.

The news was delivered by them on Steam, where they took up the situation in a lengthy post, announcing that they would be in touch soon. Release date Official version 1.0, which will fall in Q2 2021.

In addition Translation Possible by the publisher of All in Italian! Games that funded more languages ‚Äč‚Äčthan originally planned (there were only two: Russian and English). The precise addition of these languages, which includes the complete revision of the texts, compels the small deviation we have been talking about above. This was not a real delay because the release date had not yet been set, but the comrades of The Form 51 still wanted to deliver the news as a fair thing to their community.

Others Great news: Content initially scheduled D.L.C. They will be integrated directly into the final version, with a megapatch launched this winter. So anyone who bought Chernobyl in early access, or who donated during the Kickstarter campaign, will get it all without spending even an extra penny. In short, good news only.

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