PUBG Mobile recorded nearly a million permanent bans this week

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One of the main complaints from the PUBG Mobile community is the high rate of cheat in Battle Royale. Lightspeed & Quantum and Tencent have repeatedly pledged to end this problem, but the truth is, it’s very hard to eliminate it entirely.

The companies devised a strategy that went into effect months ago to specifically reduce the number of cheaters. The plan was fairly effective, as millions of players were permanently banned.

The worrying thing is that the number of deleted accounts remains, month after month, very high. Proof of this, this week, nearly a million players have been penalized, and banned forever.

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PUBG Mobile launched another wave of effective blocking

Lightspeed & Quantum released another report on the battle against Battle Royale cheats. Thanks to this, we know that another wave of bans occurred from January 15-21. The company permanently blocked 988,533 accounts.

The number is down from previous periods in 2020, when blocking records were reached for more than 2,273,152 accounts per week. The new report says the reasons for the sanctions were assisted by shooting, X-ray vision and changes in area damage.

Players who used the software to increase their speed or change Battle Royale character models were also punished. Most of the banned accounts were bronze.

Lightspeed & Quantum reaffirmed that cheaters are banned from the game, so they will keep working to make the title experience the best it can for the rest of the community.

Some players thanked the studio for their work, while others demanded an end to other types of cheats. Society now seeks to punish players who organize to collaborate and form teams in ways that are prohibited.

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PUBG Mobile is freely available for iOS and Android devices. Visit this link for more information on Battle Royale.

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