Rustler: The Stupid Knights, Pop Culture, and Humor of Monty Python

If you mix “GTA” and “Middle Ages” and sprinkle a little “Monty Python” on top, you get “Rustler”. The PC game is now available in Early Access on Steam. The original title was “Grand Theft Horse” and these allusions to “GTA” run through it. True medieval admirers shouldn’t expect much. Humor takes precedence over historical validity here. Of course there are no cars, but horses, sacred grenades and city guards who sound the alarm.

Game description says: Experience feudal injustice and witch hunts and take part in major tournaments. Meet brave knights but incredibly stupid. Complete a variety of crazy missions and missions … or ignore the plot and bring chaos to towns and cities.

The Early Access version is fully operable

For example, the player can take crazy orders on a stolen horse, fight guards, rob farmers, and bring heroes to the corner. An open global business address wrapped in an old school game!

“The game is already fully playable, all major functions have been implemented, major bugs have been fixed and performance has been improved. We estimate that it will take about 6 months to complete all the functions and content that we will use in the final version of the game,” writes Jutsu Games. So far, players have rated “Rustler” on Steam as “balanced.”

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