Elden Ring: He did not appear at Gamescom 2021 – despite the award

Elden Ring: Trailer Including Release Reveal – E3 2021 Brings First Surprise

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With some confidence, fans were hoping for Elden Ring to appear at Gamescom 2021. Despite winning an award, the role-playing game was missing from the show.

Tokyo, Japan – August 25, Gamescom 2021*It officially started and fans were jubilant. After the rather realistic E3 2021, many were hoping to get a real piece of new information about the most important games, including Elden Ring. From Software’s upcoming role-playing game Dark Souls forge has been nominated for five Gamescom Awards, so it will definitely have a new one tractor* Live performance on opening night. The game won an award, but other than that there was no trace of the game.
ingame.de* reveals how Elden Ring could win a Gamescom award – without ever appearing at a trade show.

The nightly opening of Gamescom 2021 was full of new games, sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller, but all brand new. Geoff Keighley set a crazy pace on the live show and cut trailer after trailer. And in between, there was a direct link to Germany, where Natasha Becker presented some Gamescom Awards. At this awards show, Elden Ring is perhaps the favourite: he was able to amass a whopping five nominations at the Gamescom Awards in 2021. *ingame.de is a show of IPPEN.MEDIA.

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