Ellie Pope: “Bringing the game back to the heart of all discussion” – Girondins

A guest on Talk WebGirondins last night, former Girondins de Bordeaux coach, Ellie Pope provided his analysis on implementing a sports project and managing young players from the training center.

French champion with Girondin de Bordeaux in 1999, Elle Pawb was a guest of Talk yesterday. The man who has played more than 650 matches in the French League, has played more than 200 European matches in his career.

In this program, the former Girondins coach provided his analysis on how players from the training center were incorporated into the professional group. Without cutting corners, it gives the keys to incorporate them as close as possible into a game project.

Champions League example

“I’m giving you a number. In the last Champions League quarter-finals, 8 teams. In these 8 teams, you have 25 players. Well, 80% of those players, at the age of 17, were training with professionals and starting to show. When I got this data back. I said to myself, “Yes, I understand what we do with young people.” And I was talking about training, not necessarily playing. After that, I gradually get involved in games, and some will become the starting point. ”

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The club project is based on three pillars

“Again, in terms of the general project of the club, when you form groups, if you have the will to integrate youth and make their progress, you have to have a good evaluation of your training center and the work that is happening.” I did there. The football club is the center for training, recruitment and professional structure. Then there are everyone who works, but the core of the project’s success revolves around this. Hiring should be based on what you don’t have, in order to come out and look your best. The training center must prepare players to join the professional team and the professional team must have a structure that includes players who have already demonstrated and have experience. “

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Ellie Baub wants to get back to basics

“It’s a global project. You have to ask yourself questions in all areas and you have to give answers when building a club. There, it is only fragmented, dedicated, we buy and resell it. Football I repeat, these ideas are say from the start with CCovid, with a billion televisions.” Who did not arrive. Let’s ask ourselves the real questions! How do we make football, put the game at the center of all discussions. Selling matches … It is not a business, it is not shoes or products to buy and sell !! It is football, and sports, it is a powerful thing! “

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