The late success of an online game surprised its developer

Containment was an opportunity for online games to make great progress. Fall Guys was a huge hit when it launched, followed by other smaller titles such as Phasmophobia and In Us. The latter has recently delivered its new map, with a fairly slow pace of updates. A logical position since the success of the program between us was late, It became a phenomenon long after it was launched and developed by a studio named InnerSloth. The latter took the floor to talk about the general state of online gaming, specifically referring to slow updates and recent madness as reported. The Book of Characters.

InnerSloth also speaks Restructuring Essential to continuing this global success, but also new elements to manage.

InnerSloth Loans

We are talking here New platforms supported by us, Such as Nintendo Switch or Microsoft Xbox, which introduces online play in Game Pass.

The unexpected success of the online game surprised its developer

When InnerSloth releases Among Us, the studio does not anticipate the current success. On a long note, The company explains that online games were a late attraction for players, in 2020, which has prompted several adjustments. The latter speaks for example about the organization and getting back to work in between us, then the developers think they are finished with him. Innersloth has also decided, with its teams, A long-term commitment so that the title thrives over time.

InnerSloth wants to be realistic and explain that in order to hire, The studio should stay on track. The studio also explains that it had to deal with new items, such as the Xbox and Nintendo Switch ports. The company justifies that these decisions lead to new things to be considered, such as testimonials, but thanks its partners for their help.

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Therefore, the studio will continue at a somewhat slow pace of updates Having to deal with the things that once escaped him, between meetings, appointments and legal matters. InnerSloth ends its note with an explanation of thanks. ” Lots of patience to have while waiting for the next big update ‘The finale of want’ We prove to you how grateful we are, But without ignoring the quality and values ​​we had before our success ».

Meanwhile, if you are also starting your adventure, here are 9 tips to get you started among us.

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