First test drive live photos + driving impressions

Today, most sports cars use turbocharged engines. The atmosphere is increasingly rare. Putting aside the untouchable models like Porsche 911 where is the Audi R8one can cite in this category b Audi RS3 where Cobra Formentor VZ5, but still had to pay more than 50,000 euros. Fortunately, there are more models accessible starting with the legendary Mazda MX-5 and the Toyota GT 86. It is exactly the last replacement that we offer you to test, in the Seville region.

Toyota GR86: First live test images + driving impressions

With an entry ticket of €34,000, the GR86 is the access model to Toyota’s sporty range, which consists of the Yaris GR premium sedan, but also the Supra. Our GR86 takes the GT86’s generic model, and is still a small 2+2 coupe, but this car has completely redesigned front and rear faces.

Toyota GR86: First live test images + driving impressions
Toyota GR86: First live test images + driving impressions

Toyota GR86: First live test images + driving impressions

However, the main changes take place under the hood above all else with the 2.0-liter replaced by the 2.4 that generates 235 hp and above all torque 250 Nm, an increase of 45 Nm compared to the GT86 and above all – ci is available in Much earlier time, which makes it more usable than before on a daily basis but also to improve its performance.

Above you have the first live images for the test.

Toyota GR86: First live test images + driving impressions

First impressions of driving

No need to have a 500 hp car in your hands to enjoy, here’s what we can remember from the first day of driving this GR86, which put a smile on the face of its driver. Thanks to its new engine, it shows greater versatility while increasing its efficiency and performance. Fuller, requires less gearbox shifting.

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The chassis, which has undergone many transformations, including improved rigidity, contributes to driving pleasure by being quiet and pleasant, depending on the mood of the owner. Thus, a small rotation of the wheel can start the car. It happens naturally. Since the weight and strength are reasonable, any excess of optimism is easy to correct.

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