Esport: Stars, Kenny and Khalen win ZLAN 2021

triple starsOn Sunday evening, Guillaume “Kenny” Rhino and Arnaud “Khalin” Ferrincelli won ZLAN 2021. It is a different game run competition organized by broadcast player Adrien “ZeratoR” Nougaret. If ZLAN is a “unique” form of esports, it brings together some of France’s most influential live streamers and shares the competitive values ​​known to fans accustomed to titles like League of Legends or Overwatch (some of whom were former professionals in attendance this weekend). ).

The final started with a game of … pétanque, and then continued through other popular games from the world of Twitch, with Trackmania (car racing), Battlerite (multiplayer arena battle), Trials Rising (motocross racing) and Valheim (worldwide survival Inspired by Scandinavian mythology.

With a peak audience of 239,700 viewers, ZLAN was once again a success. Supported by the very big names of the French Twitch scene, such as Domingo, Skyyart or even Stars, the contest, which is physically organized, had the effect of a breath of fresh air while health measures became less and less restrictive.

Always good at organizing events that bring together live streaming and esports fans, ZeratoR has taken advantage of ZLAN to announce its next competition, the Trackmania Cup, which will launch from 17th July.

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