Euro 2024: Where did the Red Devils' tools go?

The European Football Championship starts today and there are obviously quite a few kits and other goodies (little gifts) bearing the image of the Red Devils. Why?

You may have noticed in your supermarket that the marketing campaign around the Red Devils is rather 'shy' at the moment. The biggest demon patrons made their announcements. But it has nothing to do with previous tournaments. With the start of the euro today, where have the T-shirts, wigs, flags and badges that were once distributed to thousands gone? Some experts are talking about a new consumption model.

This observation surprised even Benoit. A few days before the Red Devils' first match, advertisements, giveaways and competitions are almost non-existent.
A supermarket manager in Bournville has never experienced this before: “In other years, we would receive gifts, jackets, necklaces and wigs. We remember Marwan’s wigs, and there is nothing more this year.”.

6 years ago, many supermarkets were completely decorated in black, yellow and red. So why have these tools disappeared from our shelves? We asked a retail expert this question. The first explanation is presented.

“The tooling aspect has come into serious question, firstly, because the cost has increased, and secondly, because production has come into question in terms of pollution, sustainability and health in certain types of products.”analyzes Pierre-Alexandre Bellet, mass distribution specialist at Gondola.

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This reality appears in many places. Often, there are only a few shy posters. With great regret for Claudio, a great supporter of the Red Devils: “There's nothing around, so it feels like it's over, but I hope that's not the case.”.

“Given the results, in my opinion, people are watching a lot less.”“, he points to another man.

Has the excitement around our national team subsided? We decided to ask one of the main sponsors of the Red Devils.

“There are a lot of things that are no longer done in physical stores but are digital. For example, we have our app: the Coca-Cola app and consumers can win great prizes, like tickets to go to see the Red Devils. Yes, there is a change, that's for sure.” But we continue to offer a lot of things, but in a different way.“, explains Aline Lemire, Marketing Director at Coca-Cola Benelux.

This summer, big brands should also think about the Olympic Games, which also generate a lot of money, without forgetting other sporting events and festivals. Choices will be mandatory in the context of increasing innovative competition.

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