FIFA 21: The sale of cosmetics in the game does not pass!

Recently, FIFA 21 has integrated a new tab on its store. Now players can buy cosmetics!

This weekend on May 1st, EA refreshed its Store in FIFA 21. The least we can say is that the change has happened. It didn’t really win fans. In fact, they’ve discovered a brand new tab in the game.

Tab is not unanimous

The Stadium tab first appeared on the FIFA 21 Store. With this tab, players can purchase Cosmetic boxes individually or bundled into Small package to provide« According to

The least we can say is that the players have never validated this Store update. Initially, some asserted that Stade was completely useless. I did not attend It has no value in FIFA 21.

Other players feel that they are already paying a reasonable amount. Some also wonder about the future of the game, and they now think that this is a new option Approaching a new economic paradigm.

Thus, it will allow concerns about loot boxes to be overcome. If still remembers it FIFA Points can be obtained through playing.The players are still good Brought to make the purchase.

At the moment, Electronic Arts has not spoken about this outrage on the part of FIFA 21 players. It must be said that the latter does not understand the benefit at all. Especially with regard to belly Cosmetics in the game.

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EA is talking about the FIFA 21 controversy

EA might speak well of this issue. It must be said that society often expresses itself during an argument. Last April, I spoke about the Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 21 which has had more than one reaction.

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In an interview with GamesIndustry, David Jackson, FIFA 21 Vice President Branding spoke. He captivated: “Being realistic, Ultimate Team is Our most attractive situation« .

As David Jackson revealed: It is also the mode that is updated regularly with the latest and most effective content. Participation is the first indicator of success Which we have as a company.

As the Vice President Responsible for FIFA 21 Brand explained: “(…) between football seasons, there isn’t A great deal of interaction Real that we can create.

He also added: “But we can create this post in Ultimate Team. Which is why we love players to play and Commits during this period (…) ».

David Jackson (FIFA 21) also clarified things. This is not at all ” a Monetization question, But from the player’s participation. (…) ”.

He also said: “Reality Gameplay is our # 1 indicator. It’s not about making people spend. “.