Social media: New trends in the impact of beauty in 2021

After influencer marketing has become a staple in the beauty sector, today it is a staple of branding strategy. The Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) From the sector they become innovators of inspiring content, whether they are flawless interviewers or brand ambassadors. More professional, they change the rules and bring innovation and freshness, often with expert and influential profiles. A trend that should be strengthened as the share of online sales continues to grow, as does time spent on networks. At the same time, they are increasing the number of technology tools and formats intended for brands: augmented reality, button buying, and direct shopping.

Instagram, Star Beauty Network

He explains, if beauty has such significance on social networks Cole SquareIs that this sector depends a lot on the image and experience. ” The digitalization of beauty paves the way for technological innovation: today you can follow a tutorial or try lipstick on your smartphone. Influencer marketing adds to these new technologies a real authenticity, created by the relationship of trust between KOL, subscribers and the brand. », The statute specifies.

In practical terms, image is by far the most used format (85.9%) by cosmetic brands. This is followed by video (10.3%), Instagram stories (2%), and Instagram video (IGVT) at 1%.

Super Visual Network par excellence, Instagram is – by far – number one in beauty and lifestyle overall. The number speaks for itself: 90.4% of the 1,210,622 beauty-related posts analyzed in 2020 are on Instagram.

With over a million beauty content recorded in 2020, Instagram offers a wide variety of formats (feed, stories, live, reels, IGTV). L’utilisation du live a véritablement explosé durant le premier confinement avec 800 millions d’utilisateurs actifs au quotidien en avril 2020. Selon Kolsquare, ce format permet aux marques et aux influence communurs d’accroître l’engagement de leurauté avec unpace pour interagir direct. Use of Reels tends to increase sharply since summer 2020. These 15-second videos are highly appreciated by brands, especially with regards to detailing a product usage or launch a challenge.

Note that 90% of Instagram users follow at least one brand and 130 million click on a shopping post every month to learn more about a product.

As for the engagement rate, TikTok dominates at 4.9%, followed by Instagram (1.07%), then Youtube (0.5%), Facebook (0.15%) and Twitter (0.03%).

If he’s still far behind Instagram in terms of audience, TikTok is a growing network, especially among young people. At TikTok, beauty is at the heart of trends with other topics such as video games, sports, fashion, family, and education. According to the latest report TikTok for businessIn 2020, beauty videos grew by 90% in France, 41% in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, and 238% in Spain. ” At TikTok, we talk about beauty as much as we talk about imperfections. We celebrate inclusivity, difference and mutual assistance. This creative community changes the lines of beauty: it wants it to be representative of diversity, more ecological, and more transparent. Most viewed videos are tutorials, tips, advice, and product testing Has been highlighted Cole Square.

YouTube, for its part, is without a doubt the network of beauty tutorials acclaimed with longer and detailed videos.

In 2021, a green, all-encompassing, and committed beauty

according to Cole Square, In 2021 on social networks, beauty will be green, inclusive and active. The influencer marketing platform mentions several typical hashtags and influencer profiles of this year:

# Skin care – In 2020, a new lineup has appeared among Beauty KOLs: skin effects and skincare enthusiasts. On their part, Pharmacists have a more scientific profile and can talk about product ingredients and skin types.

# Self-care – The return to nature is increasing with the promotion of simplicity, no-makeup and veganism. These trends were accentuated in 2020, with simple or even absent makeup, and a reduced routine, the popular Skip Care. Green brands like Lush, Origins, or Typology have exploded.

# Purifier Augmented reality and virtual reality are becoming more and more popular in the beauty sector, as they allow users to try different makeup or accessories directly. Test method that has gained momentum since the health crisis.

Belonging: a critical lever

Influencer rewards based on the sales generated, through a commission linked to the tracking system (affiliate link, url tracker, promotional code, custom Amazon store) are especially popular in the beauty sector, due to their efficiency and simplicity. However, for it to function, it must be based on a shared trust between advertiser and influencer. Thus, this critical leverage implies a clear relationship contracting, Colesquire insists.

The power of data

For brands, identifying the most relevant influencers remains the main challenge. For this purpose, Kolsquare promotes its solution based on aggregating and analyzing data targeting influencers according to their audience, engagement rate, number of subscribers, topics they talk about, or brands they collaborate with. ” Big data and machine learning now allow you to target an influencer, know their goals, or accurately measure a campaign’s ROI. », Podium highlights.

In conclusion, he confirms Cole SquareAnd the The creativity of KOLs that is constantly being rolled out with new formats is a great added value and asset for brands. But when credibility becomes more than ever a keyword in influencer marketing, contacting random influencers, without spending time knowing and targeting them, no longer works. As consumers strive for greater transparency and originality, interaction between brands and their ambassadors becomes imperative, and brands can gain a lot by properly targeting and nurturing influencers.

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