Fifteen tracks for all levels, mobile app: Which station of the Brive track opened in Lac du Causse?

About fifteen circuits are offered, accessible via a free app, at the Brive Trail station, which was inaugurated yesterday in the presence of its sponsor Thierry Bruel.

“This little 15km loop was great. Small, rolling and technical singles at the same time. We had a great time, the lake is really beautiful.”
One week before the Mont Blanc Marathon, world champion Clementine Geoffray came out for a run, on Saturday morning, around Lake Coos, in a drizzle that no Breton would have denied.

Tours for all levels

Besides him, there were about fifty people who responded to the invitation of Thierry Bruel, the godfather of the brand new trail station in Lac de Cos, which was inaugurated on Saturday.
“I've lived here for 20 years, and I've been running on these trails for 30 years. “When we want to set up trails elsewhere, this is where we come to do it with a lot of trails and elevation gain,” says Thierry Bruel, whose mother Dominique created The path to peace is on these same paths.Like the truffle trail, discipline is on the rise.

The Lac du Causse trail station, launched by Brive Tourisme, contains about fifteen trails of different distances, corresponding to all levels of practice. From beginner or casual runners to high level athletes.

A tool for tourism development

“I added one or two longer courses. The idea is primarily to push people into practice through discovery. But we also have to think about those who train a lot and who need to do a very long walk, once a week,” recalls Thierry Bruel.

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Above all, all of these circuits can be accessed via the free mobile app “On Piste”.

There are, of course, traditional signage, but users of these circuits will be guided through the app. She says out loud, go right, go left. We see as we move forward where we are on the circle. We have our distance, positive and negative height, when we find ups and downs. With voice guidance, there is no risk of getting lost. “It's perfect for those who aren't used to running on trails.”

Thierry Bruel (Sponsor of Lac du Causse trail station)

“Democratizing road running brings this kind of structure,” believes French track team coach Philippe Brougage. “I'm from Saint-Etienne, and I don't know the area. With this app, as soon as I get here, I know where I can run. It's a great tool.” For everyone, it is a tool for tourism development.

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