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Cell Phones and Cancer Risk –

Experts advise to limit exposure to cell phone radiation: How to minimize negative effects during calls.

Nowadays, it is virtually impossible to do without a cell phone. Be it calling, surfing the web or taking photos, this tool can be defined A part of our daily life. However, there has been debate over the years about how much (and how). Exposure to radiation affects our health. Although there is no conclusive evidence directly linking cell phone use to brain tumors, many recommend taking precautions to limit exposure.

An uncertain question worthy of attention however; Suffice it to say that in France, the National Frequency Agency has found it iPhone 12 emits more radiation; That is why the government forced the recall of this device. For its part, Apple has updated its software to reduce emissions, which are measured by the SAR value, but this case has once again cast doubt on the matter.

Can Cell Phone Use Cause Brain Tumors?

There are many theories Research done in recent years. We start with Airc, the Association for Cancer Research, which says there is insufficient evidence of a link between cell phone use and cancer. However, she herself insists Increased risk of neuroma and glioma with misuse.

On the other hand, WHO studies show increased risk with heavy cell phone use, half an hour a day for ten years. In Belgium, for example, a campaign was launched to ban cell phones from children because of the risk of glioma.

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So are cell phones bad for you? The scientific community has yet to reach a definitive verdict. Although there is not overwhelming evidence for a link between brain tumors and exposure to radio frequencies from cell phones, Ask them to put their cell phone away from their head. But how?

Cell Phones and Brain Tumors
Mobile phone, how to reduce radiation exposure –

How to Avoid Cell Phone Radiation

First, Experts recommend preferring to use wired earphones (and not wireless) and, if this is not possible, a speakerphone. The reason is simple: when you hold your cell phone close to your head during a conversation, The device emits electromagnetic radiation. This radiation, although there is still no firm consensus on its danger, can penetrate the tissues of the human body.

Wired earphones offer immediate benefits: They allow you to talk on the phone in a more convenient and practical way, without the need to hold the mobile phone close to your ear. But not only. The use of earphones (or speakerphone) is also recommended In poor network coverage conditions. In such situations, the cell phone increases its transmission power, keeps the connection active, and exposes the user to radiation.

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