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To say we're big fans of The Finals at Xboxygen is an understatement considering part of the editorial team spends long hours on the FPS game from Embark Studios that was released last December. Season 2 of the game has just been revealed and here are the new features to expect.

When is Season 2 of the Finals released?

If you're impatient to play Finals Season 2, the wait will quickly end as it will be available starting March 14, that is, Thursday!

Embark Studios did not come up empty-handed, as The Finals Season 2 comes with new gadgets, weapons, and a brand new map with new options that will dramatically change the gameplay of the game.

Presentation: A group of hackers calling themselves CNS has compromised the presentation's source code to add unique tools and abilities, modify cards, and even record participants without authorization.

New map and new game mode for Finals

During this second season, participants will be able to discover a new hacked and voxelized map, new timed game modes, an all-new 5v5 mode and a new Hacker game style.

To do this, Season 2 of the Finals will introduce new tools and a new specialization that can be played with the already existing arsenal.

Material remover for medium weights: This discipline temporarily removes physical surfaces such as walls, ceilings and sticky materials, allowing participants to see, take photos and pass through. It thus makes it possible to create new unpublished paragraphs and close them. The developers declare that every obstacle can become an open door through the simple will of the participants.

Anti-gravity cube for heavy goods vehicles: This new deployable cube can be used like a grenade, manipulating gravity at a low radius, and levitating surrounding participants and objects. It can be used to clear a path, defend yourself, or even disarm a group of enemies in the middle of combat.

Light weights portal: This is a possibility that may disturb the parties. These are two deployable gateways with limited scope. When both are deployed and activated, participants and objects can move between the two positions. All participants can borrow it, but it is impossible to see or photograph from it. Enough to give new possibilities for attack and defense.

Data Resampling Tool for Brokers: Does the tower bother you? Here's a new tool that turns any object (including enemy fortifications) into something else entirely, like an enemy mine into a chair, for example. Or tower the enemy on the table.

The special game mode and the new 5v5 game mode can also be seen in the video. We also see a type of moving arena that destroys everything in its path operating on the Skyway Stadium map.

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