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Music Video Game introduced this feature to PC last year and will now be available on PS VR.

Defeat Saber

If you are a fan Virtual RealityYou have a PlayStation 4 and are enjoying the musical Beat Saber, you care. Beat Games Studios Announced that A multiplayer game will arrive In PS VR next week, a specific date will be announced. This feature was already present on PC since last year, but it delayed its launch on PS4.

The best saber is prof Popular music video game Where we have to use the lightsaber to correctly interpret the songs (in a style similar to the classic Guitar Hero saga) in virtual reality. As we said, for a few months now, gamers on PCs can enjoy a multiplayer mode, which has undoubtedly expanded Fun options From video games.

“Dear PS VR players, we are ending multiplayer mode and must be ready to test it. Next week. This is an important development step and we will keep you informed. We are getting close! Comment on the study. Additionally, the user asked if he would be there Cross play Between PS4, PC and Beat Games they indicated that they are studying this, however Nothing new for this moment.

The game, as we said, was a game big success Less than a year ago, we learned of the title sales data, which at the time sold more than 2 million copies. Was it Success From the Czech studio with this game, which was acquired by Facebook in 2019 for inclusion in Oculus Studios, although in principle it continues to operate independently.

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