The son of a “disgraceful” leading participant leaves behind the scenes and makes an advertisement!

For the first time, we find out what’s behind the scenes Koh Lanta But from the families’ point of view. We tell you everything about this legendary call!

The mystery of Koh Lanta has finally been revealed

Happiness is as simple as …

While that Koh Lanta About to blow out its twenty candles, Photex I decided to re-highlight the show. In fact, when the phone call reward arrives, the teams do everything to gain that invaluable convenience. Whether it comes to participants, viewers, or even Denis Brogniart, the emotion of this series is strongly anticipated with each season. However, going back to the archives, we realize that not everyone reacts the same way.

It only lasts a few seconds and yet those who receive it are overwhelmed with happiness. Finally, they managed to talk to this person who they missed a lot. If the parents of families can enjoy this little kif moment, then this is not the case for the kids. At the time, Conley’s son was ten years old. With only one word in his vocabulary, he ends up irritating his father because the latter shouted.You’re always so talkative, and you never talk on the phone. “

We take the same thing and start over?

Exclusively on Twitter, he’s back to this now anthropomorphic moment. If he felt guilty for not realizing what was happening at the time, it is for some reason that we did not know. “ I wasn’t living with my dad, so I didn’t know it was gone Koh Lanta (Hide it from me to surprise me) “. However, even by justifying himself ten years later to his followers, he really cannot explain his behavior. “FifthReally the worst moment of my life, I was stupid, it’s serious

Moreover, while filming the portrait of his father’s hero, the young man will feel completely disoriented.How I lost, there were paparazzi everywhere in my house that I couldn’t capture anything. “He will not bitterly discover his position when he finds out the pictures. Is there a way he could catch up with it? While the Koh Lanta Starting to remember the legendary candidates, fans of the show have a totally crazy idea. Why doesn’t he represent his illustrious family? After all, the saying goes Son of his father ! Case to follow! Photex I can’t wait to see if this dream is possible.

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