Fortnight, Rocket League Rewards Available: How to Receive Them

The crossroads event between Fortnite and Rocket League has officially begun. Here’s how to unlock all the rewards for free

All Challenges of the Rocket League (Screenshot)

Lots of news following Fortnight, Battle Royale of Epic Games. We told you about the deal a few weeks ago Rocket League, Is the title of another video game in practice. Another partnership was launched with the aim of bringing in even more users all’evento Llama Rama Yesterday.

There are many special rewards to be gained by completing certain challenges on Game Island. Let’s look in detail at what they contain What gifts can you get.

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Fortnight, all the rewards of the Rocket League: how to get them

Fortnight Aliens
Here are all the rewards for Grab (Twitter)

They are finally available Fortnight All the challenges of getting rewards for free Rocket League, Thanks for the Lama Rama event. Over there Challenge 1 It’s called Beaunder, and it’s one of the simplest in the game. You simply have to play three online matches, after which the following rewards will be added: War milk spray With Fortnite DJ Yonder su Rocket League.

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The The second challenge Instead it asks for a total of 500 points in online competitions. Again, follow the instructions provided by the game. There will be prizes Lama-Rama loading screen About Fortnight and Player Anthem Old campaign su Rocket League.

The The third challenge Instead it asks for five goals, helping or saving in online competitions. Rewards? Track Everyone on the track! About Fortnight and Polit Decall DJ Yonder In the Rocket League. Then there is The fourth challenge Who asks for five sweeps and balls to the center in online matches instead Zoom coverage Is active With Fortnite Real umbrella wheels su Rocket League.

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For the fifth challenge you need to play an online game in extra mode Turbosphere Decorative Back! Fortnight e tel Extra normal player title In the Rocket League. Finally the Challenge 6, Says to win 10 online contests to get 20 thousand experience points.

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